We were humbled to (co) receive the 2016 Academic Life in EM Most Innovative Blog. We would like to congratulate the other winners emDocs, GEMCAST and Dr. David Snow (@davidcsnow).  We appreciate the recognition in a field of highly qualified candidates.

Here is an excerpt of our submission:

FemInEM is a site dedicated to Females in Emergency Medicine. Our goal is to provide resources and guidance for women in all stages of life and career, to bring together mentors and mentees and to foster a community of support for those practicing emergency medicine. We use a multiplatform social media approach to disseminate our content but the core of our focus is our website www.feminem.org.

The site launched September 6, 2015 and was described as the “most exciting project in FOAM this year.” (Chris Nickson via Twitter). Thanks Chris!


FemInEM gives a voice and a home for women practicing EM. As the only open access professional development resource for women practicing emergency medicine, we are working towards filling the void of accessible and available mentorship for women in our field. Through our various social media and personal networking channels we have quickly become the “go-to” resource for women in EM. Our niche and highly committed user base is growing daily.

In addition to our blog posts we highlight awards and accomplishments for women in EM, a direct response to an article we published about how women do not celebrate their own accomplishments. We have also been showcasing scholarships available to women in EM and allowing women’s groups (ex. AWAEM, AAWEP) to use our platform to communicate any awards or programs they have coming up for women in EM.

Again, we are thankful for the recognition and look forward to seeing what the next few months bring.   For those of you who will be at SMACCdub we will be telling the FemInEM story on June 16. Please come by.

Thanks again for all your support.

Dara and Jenny for the FemInEM Team