We are excited to present the Right Fit HIPster Awards!  FemInEM, in partnership with Medelita, has created our first awards recognizing outstanding female residents in emergency medicine.

Inspired by Medelita’s H.I.P. (Honoring Inspiring Professionals) program, we are looking to celebrate the work of 5 outstanding female residents in emergency medicine anywhere in the world.  Our inaugural HIPster (think up and coming HIP leaders) awardees will have identified a problem affecting physicians, patients or their communities, and who have done something about it.

Winners will each receive a $500 honorarium to spend however they want!

As emergency physicians we are presented with problems or challenges nearly every day. But it takes a special kind of person to try and make a difference.  We want to reward you for the work you have already done.  Seems easy enough.

Did you innovate a new program to address an area of weakness in your education?  Develop a new smoking cessation program for your ED patients?

Create a mentorship program for younger students or other physicians?

We know you are out there, working hard to find and fix the world’s problems.  Tell us about it!

Application Period: July 1 – August 15, 2016

Application Criteria:

  1. Female resident in an accredited emergency medicine residency program as of July 1, 2016.
  2. Applications are not limited to the United States.
  3. Applicant must have addressed a problem (any problem!) faced by physicians, patients or their communities and developed and implemented a plan to address it.

Application Materials:

  • Personal statement: Tell us who you are and what you did. Please keep it brief  (no more than 500 words) because, after all, we are EM docs too.
  • CV
  • Letter of support : Can be from anyone able to support your application.   It can be your program director, co-resident, academic faculty member or even your mom (if you think she’s the best choice).  
  • Optional supporting documents :Ex. project outcomes, research papers etc.


After you hit the ‘Submit’ button please ensure you see a message that your entry was successfully submitted.


Selection and Presentation:

Five winners of The Right Fit H.I.P.ster Award will be selected by a committee consisting of members of the FemInEM leadership team and Medelita staff.  The winners will be notified via email and announced publicly on a FemInEM blog post on September 6, 2016, the one year anniversary of FemInEM.  

Individual awardees will then be featured, one per week, in the FemInEM Honors Section.  We are looking forward to celebrating the work of our FemInEM HIPsters!