FemInEM, in partnership with Medelita, has created our first awards recognizing outstanding female residents in emergency medicine: The Right Fit HIPster Awards.

Inspired by Medelita’s H.I.P. (Honoring Inspiring Professionals) program, we sought applications from female emergency medicine residents. We asked potential HIPster awardees to tell us about a problem affecting physicians, patients or their communities that they identified and implemented a project to address. We are delighted to say we had nearly 50 extraordinary women apply! Each winner will receive a $500 honorarium to spend however they please, as well as a personalized (and gorgeous) Medelita lab coat and set of scrubs.

We were amazed by the quality of the applications we received. Residents from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom sent in stories of the incredible work they are doing. Projects were as varied as the women themselves. Submissions included work related to physician wellness and training, sexual assault and human trafficking, educational innovations, quality improvement, and more! Congratulations go out to each applicant for their extraordinary accomplishments.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the five awards winners as well as all the honorable mentions. Each HIPster will be recognized in an upcoming Honors post, so make sure to check back frequently.

Right Fit HIPster Award Winners:

Carrie Jurkiewicz, MD for her work with ACEP’s Wilderness Medicine Society in the development of a Wilderness Medical Adventure Race to be held at the ACEP Scientific Assembly this October.

Kelly Quinley, MD for the development of an emergency physician training program focused on the management and counseling of patients presenting with first trimester miscarriage, including the use of manual uterine aspiration.

Angharad Spencer MBChB, MRCEM, DRCOG, DTM&H for the development, implementation and study of two training programs for pre-hospital emergency responders in Malawi.

Erica Tabakin, MD for her quality improvement project focused on provider communication behavior and the patient experience.

Erika Flores Uribe, MD, MPH for developing an evidence-based language services program to decrease health disparities and improve medical outcomes.

We will be profiling every FemInEM who submitted an application as we were blown away by their unbelievable applications.  Our honorable mentionees are:

  • Sara Andrabi, MD
  • Brittany Arnold, MD
  • Stephanie Brenman, MD
  • Bonnie Brown, DO
  • Corrielle Caldwell, MD
  • Kiersten Carter, MD
  • Di Coneybeare, MD
  • Heidi Dallara, MD
  • Laurel Dezieck, MD
  • Alia Dharamsi, MD, BSc
  • Shannon Findlay, MD
  • Laura Ann Galdamez, MD
  • Mary Gallo, MD
  • Alecia Gende, DO
  • Racheal Gilmer, MD
  • Delphine Janmei Huang, MD
  • Breanne Jacobs, MD, MA
  • Samantha Jepsen, MD
  • Elizabeth Johnson, MD
  • Alicia Kurtz, MD
  • Stephanie Louka, MD
  • Allison Luu, MD, MS
  • Alison Marshall, MD
  • Meghan Maslanka, MD
  • Shehni Nadeem, MD
  • Catherine Parker, MD
  • Morganne Phillips, MD
  • Ashley Phipps, MD
  • Eve Purdy, MD and Kristen Weersink, MD
  • Faith Quenzer, DO
  • Kelly Rebillot, DO
  • Shana Ross, DO, MSc
  • Tricia Smith, MBBS, MPH
  • Rachel Solnick, MD
  • Elizabeth Stachtiaris, DO
  • Anuja Trivedi, DO
  • Amy Waldner, MD
  • Talia Walker, MD
  • Kelley Wittbold, MD
  • Batya Zuckerman, MD

full-vertical-no-reg-gradientFemInEM would like to thank Medelita for sponsoring this award!