Get ready for The FemInEM Idea Exchange, October 4-6, 2017 in NY.  We wanted to share some basic details so you could get excited!

The Conference

We built this agenda to reflect the best conference experiences we have ever had.  Our attention spans are short and our time is valuable, so we created a single track lecture slate of interesting, informative and educational talks.  Everyone of our FIX2017 speakers will inspire you with their passion, dedication, resilience and overall awesomeness.  Panel discussions on global health, effective leadership, cultivating change and working flexibly will fill out our main stage slate.

Our smaller workshop day will reflect the individual needs of each FemInEM.  We put together a menu of 7 different FIX Focus Workshops and and invite each participant to choose the workshops they want to attend. These workshops will be run by professional educators and coaches, both in and out of the house of medicine.  Workshop participants are guaranteed to leave Day 3 with skills and strategies to lead in all aspects of their lives.

Throughout the conference days we have interspersed long networking breaks to catch up and schmooze. We will be bringing in coffee and snacks but lunch is on your own, a great excuse to grab a slice of NY pizza if you ask us!

Networking Events

Our first major networking event will be our FIXinNY dinners.  At the end of Day 1 we will divide up the ENTIRE conference into small intimate networking dinners.  In a few months, we will contact all registered participants and find out what they want to eat (Steak, Thai, Japanese, etc). We will make the reservations, send over a few apps and leave the rest to you. Blame the FIXinNY dinners on our inner matchmakers, but we are convinced that mentors will find new mentees and magic will be made.

At the end of Day 2 we will have our All FIXed Party. “From film stars and musicians, to bankers and brokers, many of the world’s hottest celebrities and prestigious corporations have discovered that SLATE is the perfect venue for their night out or event.” Clearly this was the only choice for our FemInEM event!  We will have a DJ, open bar, full dinner and seating for 300.  Since we know some of your won’t be staying through Thursday night, or you may have other ideas for dinner, we are asking you to RSVP to the All FIXed Party separately at registration.

There are lots of reasons to sign up early- but the most important is the $100 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

Regular conference rates are effective 6/1/17 and registration will close for everyone on 8/15/17.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for FIX2017.  Stay tuned for more updates and details. Tickets are limited: click here for more information and registration.

We have secured a limited number of hotel rooms as well, links can be found at the bottom of the registration page.

Email any questions to [email protected]