I always knew I wanted to practice Emergency Medicine.  It started with riding ambulances as an EMT in college.  The adrenaline, the excitement, the ability to process large amounts of information and keep all the spinning plates in the air.  Then one crashed down in the form of a health crisis and I wound up on a path I never really would have envisioned.  Suddenly, I had a clarity of vision and purpose and found a way to combine my passion for emergency medicine with eastern medicine.

Last year – on a whim, it was suggested I attend FIX17 and even speak on my experience of being at the juncture of allopathic and eastern medicine and how it helped me redefine my career goals.

FIX was another life altering experience.  For years, I’ve struggled with being outspoken and forging my own path.  What I found at FIX was an entire tribe of women who are all challenging the status quo and making the world a better place.  I cannot describe the kinship, support and love every person at this conference exuded.  It has made me an unapologetic disrupter and cheerleader for all women (and their supporters) in medicine.

Watch the full FIX17 talk below!