In their show stopping FIX18 duo, Dr. Megan Ranney and Dr. Torree McGowen tackled the topic of gun violence and gun deaths.

They approach the entire idea of guns from different perspectives and taught us that we need to work across all kinds of aisles to talk to each other to solve this (and likely many other!) big issues. Nothing can be don without a conversation and that conversation can happy. Overcoming differences will allow us to have hard conversations!

We also need better research, without facts, nothing can change.  Check out Affirm – American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine. As doctors, we are for science. Whether you are a gun owner or not, we cannot be afraid of data and seeing where it leads us.

Stay tuned for a soon to be released blog post by Dr. McGowan and Dr. Ranney but in the meantime, check out their outstanding FIX18 talk below!