Dr. Mary Claire O’Brien is the Senior Associate Dean for Healthcare Education and a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Professor of Social Sciences and Health Policy at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is also a mom, a mentor, a poet and a cat lady.

In her FIX18 talk, she shares rules, direct from her own kitchen table, that she has found effective for team leadership:

  • No take backs.
    • Embrace the differences in people’s experience, cognition, and motivation.
  • Embrace the differences.
    • If everyone is thinking the same thing, than someone is not thinking!
    • Team members share a responsibility to express their opinions.
    • The best leaders listen!
  • The team wins or the team loses.
    • Praise in public, criticize in private.
    • Give credit and take blame.
  • Thank people the way they want to be thanked.
    • Gratitude is like glue to a team.
    • Appreciation is not one-size-fits-all.
  • Share your recipes!

Watch the full FI18 talk to get all the details!