‘Twas right before shift change, when all thru the shop,

All the drunks were stirring, some led by a cop

The IV’s were hung at the bedside with care

In hopes that the next shift would soon be there

The admits were tucked in snug in their beds

While echoes of report danced in their heads.  

And the attending in white coat, and I in my jacket

Had just settled down from the last resus racket

When by the ambulance bay rose such a clatter

We sprang from our chairs to see what was the matter

Away to the trauma bay I flew like a flash

Threw on the lead coat and velcro’d the sash.  

The chest tubes prepared, the airway tray ready

A few seconds of quiet, holding my heartbeat steady

When the EMS crew should appear

With a young man, eyes wide open in fear

With blood on his shirt and the hole from a gun

I knew in a moment to call “Level One.”  

Quickly I asked the boy his name

He responded and “airway” was not to blame.

“Airway intact, reduced on the right!”

“Carotids are good, get nasal cannula on tight!”

“Ready chest tube! Xray now if you can!”

“Let’s get this going, before s**t hits the fan!”  

As the BP went up and he started looking better,

Surgery arrived to see what was the matter.

“Hemothorax on the right, pressure’s now stable”

“There’s been great output though, to the OR if able”

As the patient was wheeled off, blood trailed in his wake,

No time we take, no sighs of relief to take.  

For now the ambulance crew should arrive,

With a GI bleeder, barely alive.

The next team is here, they start to take over

And I wonder if Hallway 2 is finally sober.  

As I leave the hospital, now two hours late,

I feel still glad that this was my fate

To be in a field where I can do this everyday

Where I am trained to handle anything coming my way

Even on bad days, when others may mock,

I’m still proud to be a bad ass lady ER doc.