Apply to be a #FIX20 Speaker Today!

The FIX stage is the most fun, rewarding and invigorating stage in all of the medicine (at least that is our opinion!)

FIX20 will focus on Building A More Inclusive Healthcare Workplace

Our TED-style talks will be centered on an experience or idea you have had that advances equity and inclusion for those in the healthcare workforce and should include one viable action item for our conference attendees. 

Two new additions for FIX20!

FIXit Panels

These panels centered around large scale operations issue that must be solved to support a truly inclusive and equitable healthcare workplace.  Our panels will cover 

  • Addressing Pay Equity: Best Practices from Those with The Check Book 
  • Transition of Life Schedules:  Getting Through Pregnancy, Return to Work and Advanced Physician Age.
  • EM Docs out of the ED: Alternative Career Paths for Emergency Medicine Doctors
  • Current Issues in EM Legislation: Policy Issues for the Future of Emergency Medicine

FIXit Workshops

These workshops will focus on individualized growth and development solutions for the healthcare workforce. 

Workshops will be small, and focused on topics such as: 

  • Career Advanced for University based Physicians 
  • Career Advancement for Non-University Based Physicians
  • Financial Investing for Healthcare Workers
  • Creating an Equitable Workplace for Learners 
  • Improving Your Speaking and Presentation Styles 

As in previous years, we are asking all speaker and workshop candidates to submit a short video so we can get a sense of who you are.

It does not need to be a high quality video; it can be shot on your smartphone.

If you can’t do the video, it should not prevent you from applying, but any video is better than no video.

Deadline: 31 December 2019