Apply to be a #FemInPEM21 Speaker Today!

We are seeking 6 speakers to each present a 10-12 minute TED talk-style presentation that will inform and inspire attendees to address the barriers that women may face in the PEM healthcare workforce. The talk should focus on an experience or idea you have that advances equity and inclusion for those in the PEM. 

Examples of topics are listed below. We encourage creativity and there is no limit to what is proposed!

Please see the application and further instructions below including a brief (less than 1 minute) informal videotaped description of your talk. If appropriate, you also may submit an idea for a dual speaker presentation. If you are selected, you will work with a speaking coach to help develop your talk. 

Previous and Potential Speaker Topics

  1. Encouraging one to stand up and use your voice as a PEM physician to encourage change (dealing with violent patients and ensuring safe policies, running for office, gun control).
  2. Empowering one to stand up to fight against issues that you or someone you care about face as a professional female physician. Be an ally, an advocate or an accomplice to change (Times Up Healthcare/sexual harassment, being an “angry” woman and how to communicate effectively).
  3. Discussing issues one faces as a female PEM physician to foster acceptance and demonstrate you’re not alone (mommy guilt, substance abuse, miscarriage, fertility, divorce).
  4. Inspiring ways to mitigate physician burnout (building your raft/support system, advocacy, mentoring, work-life balance).
  5. Educating each other in efforts to break down pre-exisiting stigmas among the PEM workforce (travel/locums MD, ageism, obesity, childless women).
  6. Highlighting inequalities in healthcare that need to be addressed (racism and bias against women in medical research and how that influences medical education & practice, ensuring medical interpreters).
  7. Discussing gender inequity in leadership in PEM and potential solutions (breaking into the C suite as a female, how to be successful as a NIH funded researcher). 

Link to Previous Speaker Videos