FemInEM Forward is our initiative to support individuals and organizations who are making the world better. We aim to highlight causes and individuals who make change happen. We recognize our FemInEM community at large has the power and privilege to expand our reach and voice; to give a louder voice to those who need and deserve it, and who are moving us forward.

The FIX19 International Attendee Scholarship is one of our FemInEM Forward initiatives. With the generous support of the Emergency Medicine Journal and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, and Abbott Fund, we will support individuals to attend FIX19 from low/middle income countries. If you are a woman from a low/middle income country, please see the application and apply by July 21, 2019.

At FIX19, we will feature our FemInEM Forward Organization of the Year. The goal of this initiative is to feature and fundraise for an organization doing incredible things. This year, we will highlight The Pad Project. The Pad Project is a non-profit organization created to cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women worldwide.  The Pad Project was created in lieu of the fact that when a girl gets her period in the United States, she may miss a class. When a girl gets her period in a developing country, she may never go to school again. Please donate today.

But there’s more….at FIX19, you can pick up your very own TIME’S UP Healthcare Scrub Tops. TIME’S UP Healthcare & FIGS have partnered to promote equity, inclusion and safety for every female healthcare professional. Proceeds from sales goes directly to TIME’S UP Healthcare. Please order by August 15, 2019. Scrub tops will be available for pick up in person at FIX19.

TUHC Scrubs