The FemInEM FIX19 Conference is September 15-17, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, NY. FemInEM has partnered with the Emergency Medicine Journal and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine to offer a scholarship to female emergency medicine practitioners from low and middle income countries as defined by the World Bank. This scholarship will support travel costs and attendance to the FIX19 Conference & Welcome Party. Additionally, the successful scholarship awardee will be invited to the join the Editorial Board of Emergency Medicine Journal, as an editorial fellow and participate in editorial strategy

FIX19 is a more than a conference. It is an opportunity for individuals from around the world to connect and engage. FIX19 provides a space to address challenges that accompany a life in emergency medicine, specifically challenges around gender disparities. We recognize this is an important issue in all parts of the world and without the voices and contributions of our international colleagues, we may miss important perspectives and solutions.


  1. Women pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine who are native to and practicing in a low and middle income country
  2. Physicians who work primarily in the Emergency Department at all stages of training including residents, certificate-candidates and attending/consultants are eligible
  3. Preference will be given to those within five years of training.

Application Requirements:

  1. Submit a blog post on a topic involving equity that is relevant to emergency medicine providers in your country. This can include a personal story or experience, topic review, or clinical case that explores equity in your practice. The blog post should be 700 words or less. Winners will have their blog featured on the FemInEM website. We are requesting blog post submissions in English and will provide language assistance for the selected applicant. Please submit blog post using the link/form below.
  2. Complete the application below.

Deadline: July 21st, 2019