If you are an educator in emergency medicine, this conference is perfect for you. With award winning speakers like FemInEM’s own Dr. Arlene Chung and other educators from around the country, your time and money will be very well spent.

Everyone has different interests, so CORD has developed different “tracks” to tailor to everyone’s needs. New to academics? Follow the “Navigating the Academic Waters” track. Research focused? There’s a track for you. Are you a resident? New program? Looking to learn about the best practices in emergency medicine? Yes, there are personalized agendas for all of the above!

The overall objectives of this conference are as follows:

  1. Incorporate milestones-based assessment tools into the training of emergency medicine residents.
  2. Improve the written and verbal assessment and remediation of medical students and emergency medicine residents.
  3. Incorporate advances in online learning, small-group discussion and lecture design, simulation and emerging technology to more effectively educate medical students and emergency medicine residents.
  4. Discuss methods to support faculty development, promotion and life/career balance in academic emergency medicine.
  5. Share cutting edge educational research and innovations and develop the skills to perform high quality educational research.
  6. Review the latest RRC-EM updates, program requirement revisions and best practices in resident and medical student education.
  7. Incorporate novel educational innovations, teaching methodologies and curricula to enhance the experience of emergency medicine resident and student learners.

By the end of this conference, not only will you feel refreshed and have new ideas to bring back to your residency, but you would have also donated money towards gender equity research and helped support GEMRF’s non-profit grant program.

Bidding starts at $600 and closes at 11:59 PM on Monday, February 17.

Bid here!