The Gender Equity in Medicine Research Foundation and the Ultrasound Leadership Academy (ULA) have partnered up to offer you an amazing opportunity.

Have you thought about furthering your career by doing an ultrasound fellowship but don’t want to take a year away from your current position and a 50% pay cut to do it? A lot of people are in your shoes so some really smart people you may have heard of (Mike Stone, Mike Mallin, and Matt Dawson) came up with an easier solution. One that covers the same and often more material than is included in a traditional ultrasound fellowship, all from the comfort of your own home and without the need to leave your current job.

ULA offers a one-year online fellowship position, valued at $24,000, for you to bid on through the silent auction below. Highest bidder wins. All proceeds go to the non-profit Gender Equity in Medicine Research Foundation which works to foster and promote gender equity in the field of medicine, and conduct and support research and educational activities aimed at developing and promoting solutions for workplace equity issues in the physician workforce.

ULA was originally created by Matthew Dawson, Michael Mallin, and Mike Stone. They now have 38 incredible ultrasound educators on our professor roster, including Vicki Noble, Bret Nelson, Laleh Gharahbaghian, Trish Henwood, Heidi Kimberly, Jacob Avila, Wilma Chan, and Claire Heslop, just to name a few.

Check out the complete list on their web site

So if you have been toying with the idea of furthering your ultrasound education, but don’t want to have to take a year off work to do it, or if you just like the idea of being able to learn ultrasound at your own pace at home, this opportunity is right for you!

Package value= $24,000.  The minimum bid is $10,000 and all bids over the package value will be tax deductible.

Place your best and final bid here!

Bidding will close on July 15, at 5:00pm EST! So don’t miss out!