Congratulations to Dr. Aisha Liferidge for receiving an EMRA 45 Under 45 Award!

Aisha Liferidge MD, MPH is the Director of the Health Policy Fellowship at GW and a member of ACEP Board of Directors. She is the chief executive officer of the Dr. Aisha Liferidge Minority Women in Science Foundation (MWSF), a non-profit organization that empowers the dreams of future leaders with interest in science careers. In addition to her passion for advocacy, Dr. Liferidge was felt to be the “ultimate champion for diversity and inclusion in medicine.” She was described as “equally phenomenal” as an educator with an “unprecedented level of professionalism, perfectionism, poise and humility.” Dr. Liferidge leaves her mentees feeling “validated, empowered, and quite frankly unstoppable.”

Congratulations Dr. Liferidge!