Congratulations to Dr. Amy Faith Ho for receiving an EMRA 45 Under 45 Award!

Amy Faith Ho, MD is the associate medical director and core faculty at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

She completed medical school at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, her residency at University of Chicago, and an administrative fellowship at Integrative Emergency Services. Beyond her clinical, teaching, and operational interests as a part of her primary work, her interests include social medicine, medical humanities, and translating healthcare from a physicians’ perspective for the lay audience. Her goal is to make the emergency medicine field relatable to the general public to better promote understanding of medicine and the healthcare system as a whole.

She has been widely published and featured in venues like Chicago Tribune, Forbes, TEDx, Medscape, MedPage, NPR, and more on these topics. She has also been the featured physician on several episodes of the cable TV show Untold Stories of the ER (TLC/Discovery), which recreates ED medical cases for a wide audience. Her interest in social medicine has led her into public health, and she is currently an MPH candidate at University of Alabama Birmingham and also consults on public health topics and healthcare media. In the medical world, she is a passionate educator and has been a lecturer at AAEM, SAEM, ACEP, Texas Medical Association, and American Medical Association on various topics in medical practice. Operations are her practice interest, and she has published research on transition of care and efficiency.

Congratulations Dr. Ho!