Congratulations to Dr. Amy Ho for winning the 2017 AWAEM Outstanding Resident Award!  This award is given to honor a female EM resident who has shown promise for significant career achievements in emergency medicine through research, education, service, advocacy, or administration, and/or who has worked to promote the role of women in academic emergency medicine.

Dr. Ho is an emergency physician and nationally-featured writer and speaker with work in Forbes, NPR, Chicago Tribune, KevinMD, TEDx, The Blaze, among other media. She is currently finishing her residency at University of Chicago and is headed back home to Texas this summer where she will be clinical faculty and the associate medical director at John Peter Smith Hospital in Dallas-Fort Worth. She completed medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas and hails from Austin, Texas. 

Her interests are in health policy and using media to communicate the nuances of medical culture and humanity to the general public. She is highly motivated by the idea that one of the fundamental issues in fixing healthcare is a lack of understanding of it by all parties involved — payers, politicians, physicians, allied health, patients, insurance companies, etc. As such, she has been very active and held several leadership positions in organized medicine. These include roles as the Vice President of AAEM Resident Student Section and Executive Board of AAEM Young Physician Section, Governing Council of Illinois State Medical Society’s Resident Section, Delegation to the American Medical Association Resident-Fellow Section, and many former titles including Board of Directors for American Medical Association Political Action Committee. She was also a health policy fellow on US Congress where she worked on legislation on Veteran Affairs health, drug pricing and shortages, MACRA/MIPS/PQRS, the opioid crisis, addiction and public health infectious disease like Zika virus. As far as media, she has been a multiply featured physician on episodes of Untold Stories of the ER on TLC and Discovery Channel as well as on Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC. She has also been an invited speaker at multiple TEDx talks, a guest on the TODAY show, a frequent conference speaker, and also multiple recorded podcasts and interviews. For links to a collection of Dr. Ho’s work, see her website:

Congratualtions Dr. Ho!