Kudos to some amazing FemInEMs who have published the first ever Swedish book on Emergency Medicine! While we would love to include their title in our bookstore, Amazon does not yet carry it. (Don’t worry, we will add it as soon as we can!)

Title:  ”Akutsjukvård från Ö till Ä”

Authors: Caroline Hård af Segerstad and Susann J Järhult.

Caroline Hård af Segerstad, MD, senior consultant in emergency medicine at the Section of Emergency and Medicine, Ystad Hospital, Office for Healthcare ”Kryh”. Programme director for Emergency medicine at Office of Healthcare ”Kryh”. Member of SWESEMs (Swedish Society of Emergency Medicine) educational committee since 2014.

Susann J Järhult, MD, PhD, senior consultant at the Uppsala University Hospital (Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset). Course coordinator of Emergency Medicine for Medical School at Uppsala University and programme director for Emergency Medicine at the Uppsala University Hospital. Member of SWESEMs research committee.

”Akutsjukvård från Ö till Ä” is the first Swedish book on Emergency Medicine. The book is a handbook for emergency physicians and junior doctors doing their internship or rotations in the emergency department. It covers resuscitation of common and rare emergencies in a structured way as well as more common complaints that are taken care of at the emergency department. The book is structured after acuity and the patients chief complaints according to the principle of ABC where the most life-threatening issues are dealt with first. Several practical procedures are also covered. The book includes special chapters on obstetrics/gynaecology, ultrasound, pain relief and procedural sedation, elderly as well as a chapter that deals with patient flow and the logistical challenges of emergency departments.

Well done!!