Congratulations to Dr. Carrie Jurkiewicz for winning one of the first annual Right Fit HIPster Awards.

Dr. Jurkiewicz received her medical degree from the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University and is a current Chief Resident at the University of Chicago Medical Center.  She is being recognized for her work with ACEP’s Wilderness Medicine Society in the development of a Wilderness Medical Adventure Race to be held at the ACEP Scientific Assembly this October.

Dr. Jurkiewicz grew up loving the outdoors and has been able to combine her passions for medicine and nature through a special interest in wilderness medicine.  Her ultimate goal is to work as an expedition physician, specifically supporting scientific research.

During her intern year,  Dr. Jurkiewicz was elected Vice Chair of EMRA’s Wilderness Medicine Division with one of her main goals being to increase member involvement. Based on suggestions from members, the division decided to host a Wilderness Medical Adventure Race (MedWAR), a unique event that combines wilderness medical challenges with the growing sport of adventure racing.Dr. Jurkiewicz submitted a project proposal to EMRA’s board of directors to host a MedWAR at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly on October 19th, 2016, at Red Rocks just outside of Vegas.  She received approval and is eagerly anticipating the event!  The division received enough funding for ten teams of three residents and they are already planning for a 2017 MedWAR, and hope to expand racing capacity and make the race an annual EMRA event at ACEP.

Dr. Jurkiewicz has impressed the faculty at the University of Chicago with her leadership, intuition, and determination – qualities clearly on display in this impressive project.

Congratulations Dr. Jurkiewicz!

Find out more about the EMRA MedWAR here.