Congratulations to Dr. Diana Egerton-Warburton for winning the 2016 Australian Medical Association Woman in Medicine Award.  The Australian Medical Association presents the Award each year to a female medical practitioner who has made a significant contribution to the medical profession.

Throughout her career, Dr. Egerton-Warburton has been active in clinical and academic practice, teaching and patient advocacy over the course of her career and since 2011 has been Director of Emergency Medicine Research and Innovation at Monash Health.  Her work in public health led her to be the lead author of a paper in 2014 that gained widespread notice in Australia as it revealed that one in eight patients in Australian emergency departments were there as a result of harmful alcohol use.

“Diana is always motivated by her passion for delivering better healthcare to her patients,” said Professor Anthony Lawler, ACEM (Australasian College for Emergency Medicine) President. “This is evident through all her work, including her contributions to medical research and excellence in clinical and academic practice, her leadership roles in public health projects and her tireless work as a patient advocate . . . She’s an inspirational emergency physician and this award is well deserved.”

Congratulations Dr. Egerton-Warburton!

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