We are extraordinarily proud to announce that Dr. Gloria Kuhn was awarded the 2016 Woman of Distinction Award on June 3, 2016  by Wayne State University and the Michigan Chapter of the American Council of Education for her sustained commitment to women’s issues at Wayne State University.

Gloria has always been a leader in our field. She has been a past president of AWAEM and an author on numerous articles on women in emergency medicine, notably a senior author on the recently published “The Development of Best Practice Recommendations to Support the Hiring, Recruitment and Advancement of Women in Emergency Medicine.”

Gloria Kuhn, D.O., Ph.D., professor of Emergency Medicine for the Wayne State University School of Medicine,. She was selected based on her exemplary accomplishments as a physician, educator and researcher, and for her positive impact on women in emergency medicine, particularly junior female faculty.

“I was thrilled to be nominated for this award — actually winning it was the frosting on my cake,” said Dr. Kuhn, a resident of Farmington Hills and vice chair of Academics in the Department of Emergency Medicine. “It is particularly gratifying to me to support women in medicine and science because they have so much potential and dedication. For a number of reasons, this potential is often not reached, and even when it is, may not be recognized and rewarded. Much has been done to rectify these problems, but more remains.”

Dr. Kuhn’s speech is one of the best reflections of where we have come and where we are going. Please take a listen:

In nominating Dr. Kuhn, Brian O’Neil, M.D., the Dayanandan Endowed Chair and Edward S. Thomas Endowed Professor of WSU Emergency Medicine, wrote: “She has been a major force for recognition and resolution of the specific challenges women face in emergency medicine and medicine in general. Dr. Kuhn’s philosophy is that for women to make an impact in medicine, it requires them to be intimately involved at all levels — research, leadership and education. She has been a mentor to countless women and has used her large professional network to connect junior faculty to regional and national service.

We must agree that Gloria is a force for recognition and growth for women emergency physicians.  She has been singularly impactful on the careers of so many women leaders in Emergency Medicine and we could not be prouder of her and her award.  Congratulations Dr. Kuhn!