Congratulations to Dr. Laura Howard for winning the Royal College of Emergency Physicians Young Investigator Award!  The goal of this award is to provide financial support and mentorship to an early stage emergency medicine researcher to develop a research idea into a fully funded project or fellowship grant.

Dr. Howard graduated from the University of Manchester and currently is practicing EM with the Emergency Department at Manchester Royal Infirmary while pursuing a PhD.  During training she noticed that many people seem to struggle greatly with adverse events that happen while at work.  Along with Dr. Richard Body and Dr. Chris Wibberley, she designed a research study entitled “How do events affect the wellbeing of Emergency Medics?”  While working full time in the emergency department she designed,  recruited, conduced interviews, and transcribed these interviews.  She applied for this award because when the research is completed she would like to publish it as free and open access, so that it is readily available to all others.  In her own words, Dr. Howard wants to “help people who are struggling know they are not isolated and alone.”  Additionally, the award will allow her to continue to pursue this line of work while working clinically and completely her PhD!

Congratulations Dr. Howard!