Congratulations to Dr. Sheri-Ann Kaltiso for receiving the AWAEM Resident Award and Travel Grant!  This scholarship honors female EM residents who have shown promise for significant career achievements in emergency medicine through research, education, service, advocacy, or administration.

Dr. Kaltiso is a resident in the Emergency Medicine program at Emory. She received a BS in Cognitive Sciences at Rice University and her MD at Emory University School of Medicine. She is originally from Jamaica and migrated to the US for her undergraduate education. During her studies in college, she developed a passion for anti-trafficking efforts, and has participated in volunteering, education efforts, international studies and research. As a resident, she hopes to continue work in this field, by raising awareness among EM physicians and working toward developing standardized screening tools and protocols in the ED. Sheri-Ann lives in Atlanta GA with her husband, and enjoys Marvel movies, time with friends and family, and trips back home to Jamaica.

Congratulations Dr. Kaltiso!