Drs. Alyson McGregor and Resa E. Lewiss host the 2nd episode of the FemInEM Summer Series: A Chapter in my Story: Emergency Medicine.  They speak with guest Dr. Michelle Finkel. 

During medical school at Harvard, Michelle took a gap year, during which she was granted an American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship. Through the fellowship, she worked as a science journalist at the Oregonian newspaper in Portland.  This fellowship is still offered today:  American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellowship

Michelle practiced emergency medicine for 5 years in an academic setting in Boston. In 2006, when she moved to the Los Angeles area, she started her own consulting business, while working clinically in the community. For the last eleven and a half years, Michelle has grown the success of this business: https://www.insidermedicaladmissions.com