Journal club! Resa hosts a journal article discussion from the London, UK Don’t Forget the Bubbles (#DFTB19) conference. (

Authors and #DFTB19 team members provide insights and findings from their recent publication Women and children first? Gender equity in paediatric medicine

The bottomline: Paediatrics is a field in which female trainees predominate and women fill approximately half the consultant paediatric positions in Australia, the UK and America. However, women are less represented across the fields of Board membership, conference speaking and authorship of publications.

Dr. Tessa Davis is a Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal London Hospital, and Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. She is cofounder of #DFTB.

Dr. Dani Hall  is a consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine both in London, UK, and in Dublin, Ireland.  She has a particular interest in medical education, seeking innovative ways to engage learners.

Dr. Grace Leo  paediatric registrar at Sydney Children’s Hospital. She has a special interest in innovative medical education and better presentations which she enjoys exploring through work with the #DFTB and SMACC

Dr. Andy Tagg is an emergency physician with a special interest in paediatrics. He is co-founder of #DFTB – an award winning paediatric website and proud #heforshe. He spoke at #FIX18 about parental presence in paediatric resuscitation.