Resa and Amy Zeidan host the episode and guest Vidya Viswanathan founder of Doctors Who Create (DWC).

The community of DWC aims to challenge that status quo. They want to change the culture of medicine to encourage and reward creativity. They highlight creative things that are already happening, cultivating physician and student networks, and providing inspiration for future physicians.

Vidya Viswanathan PennMed 2019 is the founder of DWC. She received her BA in Social Studies and a citation in Mandarin Chinese from Harvard College. She freelance writes about medicine and innovation. Read her and follow her @vidyavis .

The 1st DWC conference was held at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the Mutter Museum.  Emily Silverman , founder and host of the NOCTURNISTS gave an insightful and witty keynote.