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The American College of Emergency Physicians sponsors a national faculty bedside teaching award to honor outstanding educators in emergency medicine. This award is designed to support emergency medicine faculty in their efforts to achieve academic advancement, as well as support the continued academic development of the specialty. The award recognizes superior clinical teaching activities as evidenced by teacher ratings, teaching awards and the endorsement by faculty, residents, and students. While the documentation required for this award is extensive, the process is designed to mimic the procedure used by university promotion and tenure committees in their deliberations. Recipients of this award will receive national recognition that can be used as evidence of their teaching excellence.


Please read these instructions below carefully. Applications that do not follow these instructions with regard to format and supporting documentation cannot be accepted. If the application deadline has not passed, the application may be resubmitted after deficiencies are addressed. Extension of the deadline will not be granted to allow resubmission in the award cycle.

Due Date 

April 8, 2019

Notification of Award 

July 8, 2019

Complete electronic form below or email ACEP staff for a pdf version at [email protected].

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