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Purpose of Award

We aim to reward you, an EMRA member, for your commitment to free open access medical (FOAM) education. The reward acknowledges your websites, wikipages, Twitter pages, podcasts, or any other medium you use to educate others without cost. Not only will this award highlight your educational tool, it will inspire all residents to contribute to this digital movement.

Application Process

Complete and submit the project proposal form describing your project, its goals and its potential effects (in detail) and relevant quantitative data (such as retweets, hits, views etc.) In addition, please include your curriculum vitae (for group submissions, all CV’s should be attached) and a letter of support from a faculty member within your residency program.


EMRA Student, Resident, or Fellow member

Selection Criteria

Awards will be judged on the quality, novelty, and relevance of the project. We are looking for projects that are ambitious, unique, and are capable of improving our emergency medicine practice.

Application Deadline

July 15

Award Date

Fall Meeting

Date of Inception

Fall 2014

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