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Olivia Otter Builds Her Raft

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Olivia is a Super Tough Otter!

Olivia is a very strong swimmer and is doing fine on her own, until one day a big storm shows her that there is more to life.

Travel with Olivia as she builds a raft of amazing otters who face adversity, support each other, and learn to believe
in themselves and the power of teamwork.

Recommended reading ages 3 to 9, but fun for the whole family!

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2 reviews for Olivia Otter Builds Her Raft

  1. L Swamy (verified owner)

    First, this is a fantastic kids book. On that alone it fits in perfectly with all the typical kid favorites in our home. The characters are instant hits– you won’t have to convince the kids to stay interested, they’ll demand it. Second, great messaging about women being strong as individuals and stronger as a group. It’s neither over the top nor is it subtle. It is written and described as totally natural, not contrived at all. It’s a wonderful book!

  2. Katie (verified owner)

    What a wonderful book! My two sons love the story and the pictures in this book, and this mom loves that my boys are receiving a positive message about female characters and the strength of community. I’m going to be giving this out as a gift to all of my nieces and nephews next.

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