I am a fully trained, fully licensed, fully retired vascular surgeon. After 4 years of college at Yale University, 4 years at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 3 years of laboratory research, 7 years of residency both at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington, AND 10 years of clinical practice, I hung up my scalpel and picked up a keyboard instead. I traded O.R. Lights for stage lights. To be clear, my clinical career was cut short by mental illness, but I remain ever willing to help others. Only now instead of sutures and stents, I use words and the power of talk. I speak on the issues of mental illness in society, particularly in the medical profession, and I strive to start conversations about mental health. My background, while clearly steeped in medicine, also includes experience with stage such as with dancing in a local production of the Nutcracker, to Improv Comedy, and small episodes of trying Stand-Up Comedy. Other pursuits include sketching, watercolors, cooking, and amateur photography. My home is full of love, my wife, two children (one in college) and a large dog.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership, Professional Development, Wellness
  • Medical Education (Simulation, FOAM, Innovations)
  • Mental Illness, Physician Suicide, Depression