Dr. Gigi is a Board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician, with over 23 years in practice. She has treated thousands of patients throughout her career. She is a recognized speaker, coach and doctor with an MBA. Dr Gigi’s expertise, compassion, and approachability make her a sought after adviser and educator.

Dr. Gigi is passionate about her mission, which is to empower professional women to reclaim their passion for medicine, speak so they are heard, and create a life in alignment with their true values and desires. She is the creator of an innovative curriculum for medical students and healthcare practitioners that clarifies their values, brings satisfaction throughout their careers, and prevents burn out while increasing patient satisfaction and revenue.

Dr. Gigi earned her Doctorate of Medicine degree from Temple University School of Medicine in 1995, and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1998, one of the oldest programs in EM. She is a graduate of Cornell University, completing her degree in 3 years with 2 majors and a minor in English Literature. She obtained her MBA from Coles College Business at Kennesaw State University in 2010.

Dr. Gigi is on a mission to empower physicians and change the conversation in healthcare.

Through her own journey navigating burn out and addiction 11 years ago, she lives to share her experience and help women in medicine stay in their feminine and own their power.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership, Professional Development, Wellness
  • Operations, Finance, Health Care System Design