Keegan Checkett, MD

Assistant Professor, University of Chicago



Dr. Keegan Checkett was an English Literature and Drama major in college before she made a last-minute realization and changed her major in order to apply to medical school. Dr. Checkett completed a residency in Internal Medicine and trained at UCSF before a career crisis led her to switch careers paths, train in Emergency Medicine at University of Chicago and pursue a career in global health. Dr. Checkett is currently the Director of International Emergency Medicine at University of Chicago and the Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at University Hospital of Mirebalais, with Partners in Health and Zanmi Lasante. Dr. Checkett has expertise in international emergency medicine education development and palliative care, as well as significant personal experience with organizational methods, life juggling, career management, and packing light! She has spoken extensively on education development for third generation residents, palliative care in resource-limited settings, wellness and career satisfaction, ethics of palliative care and ethics of global health. Dr. Checkett is a frequent consultant for friends attempting to organize overwhelming lives, students with career crises, and fellow aspiring yogis.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership, Professional Development, Wellness
  • Medical Education (Simulation, FOAM, Innovations)
  • Infectious Disease
  • Health Policy (Injury Prevention, Intimate Partner Violence, Public Health)
  • Global Health


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