Dr. Zachau has a 25 year career in emergency, prehospital and general practice behind her. Due to a rare muscle channelopathy, she now instead volunteers for organisations with a focus of Wilderness medicine. Preesnting experience:

2016: presented Paramadicine Australasia International "How do NZ outdoor instructors manage death of adventure activity participants?", video availabe on her website

2017: Mountain Safety Concil New Zealand Southern Hemiaphere Alpine conference : delivered ICAR avalanche patient rescue workshop

2017: facilitated and took part in a NZRecreation Association webinar on PTSD in Outdoor recreation staff,

2018: Presnted two posters at New Zealand Resuscitation Council conference on Accidental Hypotehrmia in New Zealand coronial analysis she conducted and how we can save more lives

2018: Presented Accidental Hypotehrmia coronial analyssis to LandSAR conference IN Blenheim, NZ

2019: Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) wnter symposium Rotorua: Poster and verbal preentaion on Accidental hypothermia in NZ, coronial anbalysis of avalanche fatalities in NZ and ICAR avalanche patient rescue.

2019: Mountain Safety Council Southern Hemisphere Alpine Conference :dellivered a mechanical CPR device workshop and a verbal presentaion on NZ Avalanche coronial analysis, ICAR avalanche rescue accidetnal and trauma induced hypothermia. Video available on her website
She collaborates with NZ LandSAR, NZPolice & St John Ambulance in the development of the NZ National Accidental Hypothermia Strategy.

Please note I have a disability. I will provide further details of my limitations & mobility on request. Any presentations are done pro bono but I need expenses to be covered since I am not a wage earner. 

Speaking Topics

  • Trauma and Critical Care (including Airway)
  • EMS and Disaster Medicine
  • Accidental Hypothermia
  • Avalanche Resuscitation
  • Death Training for Adventure Activities Operators
  • PTSD
  • Trauma First Aid for Alpine Hunters