Dr. Zachau has a 25 year career in emergency, prehospital and general practice behind her. Due to a rare muscle channelopathy, she now instead volunteers for organisations with a focus of Wilderness medicine. Dr. Zachau ran an avalanche patient rescue workshop at NZ Mountain Safety council SHAC 2017 conference, facilitated and took part in a NZRA webinar on PTSD in Outdoor recreation staff, presented at PAIC2016 "How do NZ outdoor instructors manage death of adventure activity participants?", and has been invited to the prestigious critical care conference in Zermatt "Big Sick18" due to her expertise in the management of accidental hypothermia. She is currently collaborating with NZ LandSAR, NZPolice & Civil Defence in the development of the NZ National Accidental Hypothermia Strategy. Dr. Zachau has conducted research on NZ Coronial and Ministry of Health data of a 10 year period of deaths from Accidental Hypothermia, and will be presenting this at NZ LandSAR conference in 2018.

Please note I have a disability. I will provide further details of my limitations & mobility on request. Any presentations are done pro bono but I need expenses to be covered since I am not a wage earner.

Speaking Topics

  • Trauma and Critical Care (including Airway)
  • EMS and Disaster Medicine
  • Accidental Hypothermia
  • Avalanche Resuscitation
  • Death Training for Adventure Activities Operators
  • PTSD
  • Trauma First Aid for Alpine Hunters