Rachel Haroz MD FAACT is Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University and Division Head of Toxicology and Addiction Medicine. She is board certified in Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology and Addiction Medicine, obtaining her BA in Biology from Brandeis University, her MD from Tufts University and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine and fellowship in Medical Toxicology. She has spent the last 20 years working in inner city emergency departments, mostly in the Camden area. She helped build and now staffs the Outreach Clinic at the Urban Health Institute at Cooper University Hospital in Camden New Jersey, an addiction medicine specialty clinic dedicated to treating patients with substance use disorders and helped build an integrated clinic for patients with HIV and substance use disorders. In 2016 she helped create and implement BupeFirst ED, an initiative to prescribe buprenorphine from the Emergency Department and bridge patients to treatment to various community partners and in 2019 helped create and launch BupeFirst EMS, an innovative program aimed at initiating buprenorphine via paramedics in the field. She is also heavily involved in education, harm reduction and multiple NJ state initiatives to more compassionately help patients struggling with substance use disorders and increase their access to evidence based care.

Speaking Topics

  • Toxicology
  • Addiction Medicine - developing and implementing a bupe Bridge program, X-waivering physicians, creating an outpatient Bridge clinic