Sherry Yafai MD is a Cannabis and Emergency Medicine physician at Providence St. John’s Medical Center since 2009. She graduated from UCSD Medical School in 2005 and UCSD Emergency Medicine Residency in 2009. In 2017, after recreational marijuana laws had passed, Dr. Yafai opened her private Cannabis Clinic, the ReLeaf Institute, where she sees patients referred by physicians for cannabis education and treatment. She is a member of the UCLA Cannabis Initiative and sits on the Board of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Furthermore, Dr. Yafai is the current Director of Research and Development for High Sobriety, a rehabilitation group that incorporates non-smokable cannabis treatment in the rehabilitation of patients away from alcohol and drug addiction. This innovative approach has paved the way for a new and effective pathway away from narcotics to help solve today’s opioid crisis. This has led to her interest in research in an alternative path to detox patient’s from narcotics using cannabis oils as a bridge therapy to a narcotic-free path.

Speaking Topics

  • Medical Education (Simulation, FOAM, Innovations)
  • Cannabis specialist, with a specific interest in opiate reduction.