In early February, Envision Physician Services held its annual National Leadership Conference, which brings healthcare leaders together from across the country to connect with one another and discuss how to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

The theme of the 2020 conference – the Joy of Practicing Medicine – was particularly relevant when considering the current healthcare climate.

Broadening the Triple Aim

Clinicians feel the stress of practicing medicine like never before. Patients are sicker; expectations are higher; and national physician burnout rates are approaching epidemic levels.

As an emergency medicine clinician, you likely hear a lot about the Triple Aim. Every day, caregivers must consider what is important to the health of our patients and our communities, while also striving to make healthcare more affordable. But we know something critical is missing from the Triple Aim –you, the clinician.

Clinical wellness is among our organization’s highest priorities, and that is why we believe in the Quadruple Aim, where the clinical experience is the fourth essential component of healthcare.

Championing Clinician Wellness

More than 1,200 clinical leaders gathered at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas to explore how Envision can help foster the joy of practicing medicine by emphasizing clinician support, satisfaction and growth.

Our two keynote speakers addressed clinician wellness and its importance in ensuring that providers are well so that they can help their patients get well. Both offered valuable insight on a subject that clinicians don’t often consider – their own mental, physical, emotional and financial health.

Mamta Gautam, M.D., specializes in leadership resilience and wellness and is hailed as the Doctor’s Doctor for her pioneering work in clinician health and well-being. Dr. Gautam offered useful advice about how clinicians view themselves, particularly as caregivers and not care-receivers. In reality, the personality traits that help individuals succeed as clinicians are the same traits that make them vulnerable to stress. Dr. Gautam advised that clinicians not put themselves at the end of their list of priorities and that they instead make self-care a top priority.

Jim Dahle, M.D., focused on an aspect that many clinicians overlook – financial literacy. Having recognized that many clinicians begin their careers saddled with debt, he started the White Coat Investor website in 2011 to help his fellow clinicians avoid the financial errors he made early in his career. White Coat Investor is now the most widely read clinician-specific personal finance and investing website in the world. Dr. Dahle urged clinicians to do their research and have a basic understanding of personal finance and investing so that they can set themselves up for future financial success.

Improving Lives

Clinicians work every day to deliver exceptional patient care and to improve lives in their communities, one moment at a time. At Envision, we want to ensure that we are also improving the lives of our caregivers. Through our commitment to clinician wellness, our organization works to promote an environment where clinicians thrive and experience joy in what they do.

Here’s to bringing back the joy of practicing medicine for those who make healthcare possible.

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