Females Working in Emergency Medicine

Women in Medicine (WIM) Curriculum is a free, open access curriculum that may be used by individuals and groups to promote understanding of gender bias in medicine and strategies for women to thrive personally and professionally.

The Modules


Women in medicine face numerous challenging and unique situations from persistent pay gaps, to non-existent or variable family leave policies, to gender bias that influences career progression.


This curriculum aims to provide women with the facts regarding gender bias in medicine. The curriculum contains curated content that will provide evidence-based and tangible methods for personal development, along with strategies to leverage positive change.

Target Audience:

This curriculum is for women in medicine at every stage of their career, from medical school to senior attendings.


  • Increase awareness about gender issues in medicine.
  • Access resources to fuel discussion about gender topics.
  • Foster and facilitate a culture of open communication about gender-specific issues.
  • Construct solutions to emphasize the positive and mitigate the negative consequences of gender bias.
  • Develop strategies to promote wellness, career sustainment, and career progression.

How to Use:

This is a free, open access curriculum. It can be used asynchronously for self-directed personal development. Resources can be used by the individual or to fuel discussion such as focus groups, local meetings, faculty development, residency or fellowship rotations, etc. Each module contains recommended resources for journal and book clubs as well as focused goals, objectives, and discussion prompts. Content is organized into modules, then organized by objectives and length of time for completion.

Creating a Women In Medicine Group:

Many workplaces and residency programs have created Women in Medicine groups. Read some tips and tricks for creating your own group here.

Contact Us:

If you have recommendations for resources or notice a link is down; please contact the FemInEM team at [email protected]!

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