Females Working in Emergency Medicine


AAWEP 2019 Rising Star Award

Criteria for Nomination  This award recognizes a junior female emergency medicine attending who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in Emergency Medicine through advocacy, administration, education, or research. Similar in intent to sports-based “rising star” awards, the AAWEP Rising Star Award is…


FemInEM Forward

FemInEM Forward is our initiative to support individuals and organizations who are making the world better. We aim to highlight causes and individuals who make change happen. We recognize our FemInEM community at large has the power and privilege to…

Women In Medicine Curriculum

Women in Medicine (WIM) Curriculum is a free, open access curriculum that may be used by individuals and groups to promote understanding of gender bias in medicine and strategies for women to thrive personally and professionally. Background: Women in medicine…

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Dr. Chantal Uwamahoro

FIX19 International Attendee Scholarship