Dr. Hackett is the Director of Leadership Development for Vituity. Her areas of interest include the professional development and education of physicians allowing them to excel both as directors of their departments and provider teams, as well as clinically. Additionally, she is interested in facilitating better work life integration for her group’s clinicians and, as such, is a member of the Joy in Medicine Workgroup. She is the founder and current leader of the Vituity Women in Medicine Workgroup which began in 2014. She served as the Chair of Vituity’s Clinical Education Committee (formerly CME Committee) for 4 years and was on the committee for 6.

She is a self-described “doer” – call her if you have a project and need to get something done! She sees herself as an advocate for the clinicians at her site and within her organization. When not working, she hangs out with her 2 awesome tweens- Luca and Gigi as well as her Argentine Husband Pablo. She watercolors regularly to help her chill (much needed!) and gets up too early to work out most days to support her habit of eating out at yummy local restaurants.

Dr. Hackett is board certified in Emergency Medicine. She is the former Medical Director of San Leandro Hospital and spent three years as a member of CalACEP’s Board of Directors. Dr. Hackett studied Biology at Yale College and deferring medical school, she spent a year in Venezuela teaching at an international school and improving her Spanish Language fluency. She then returned to the East Coast to study medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. There, Dr. Hackett earned a combined MD/MBA from the Wharton School of Business. She completed her residency in 2004 at UCLA/Olive View and did an Education Fellowship at LAC+USC, joining VITUITY America in 2007.

Speaking Topics

  • Leadership, Professional Development, Wellness
  • Being efficient in our practice: Zero in box, calendar, administrative work flow