Dear Feminem Readers,

Whether you’re a resident, an early career or more seasoned emergency medicine physician we have exciting opportunities for you to build your leadership skills, engage with colleagues, and earn CME. Presenting the Academy of Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) didactics for CORD and SAEM!

Negotiating can be challenging for women and may lead to disparities in pay, promotion, and retention. AWAEM recognizes that women may especially benefit from learning strategies on how to effectively get what you want and need out of your career. “Negotiate Your Way to Success: Maximize your Opportunities as a Female Emergency Physician” is a four hour workshop at SAEM that will feature Dr. Anne Libby, a tenured Professor and Vice Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine (CU-SOM). She is an expert on mentored research and leadership training, who has coached hundreds of women at all stages of their careers. With her guidance you will learn what language to use to move into leadership roles, how to expand your network to create opportunities, and how to handle conflicts that come as you take on more responsibilities and move to higher positions.

In addition to leadership and negotiation training, we will also feature didactics that help you write a glowing letter of support (for yourself or others), thrive at midcareer, and provide strategies to ensure diversity and inclusion at your institution.

Please see below for other opportunities tailored to women in emergency medicine and register now!

CORD – April 27-30th, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Friday, April 28, 1:30pm-2:30pm

Keep Her On The Team –

Moderator Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS, FACEP PANEL: John Burton, MD; Susan Promes, MD; Flavia Nobay, MD; Dara Kass, MD

Recently both ACEP and SAEM adopted strategic guidelines that provide departmental chairs and practice administrators with goals to improve the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in EM. We will discuss best practices and retention strategies for supporting diversity.

After this session participants should be able to:

  • Explore the current milieu of women in medicine and in particular Emergency Medicine
  • Discuss best practices for recruitment and retention of women in Emergency Medicine
  • Discuss benefits that are family supportive and allow those with competing needs to

envision a viable career in your department

SAEM – May 16-19th, Orlando, FL

Tuesday, May 16, 8am-12pm, Regency Ballroom P/Convention Level

AWAEM Business Meeting (Open to all) – come learn what we do and help define our path forward.

Tuesday, May 16, 1pm-5pm, Plaza International Ballroom I/Convention Level

Negotiate Your Way to Success: Maximize your Opportunities as a Female Emergency Physician (pre-meeting workshop) – following our popular first pre-conference session on building your brand, our speakers will highlight how to get what you want from your career through the art of negotiation

Featuring Anne Libby, PhD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, University of Colorado School of Medicine Anschutz Medical Campus

Topic 1: Negotiation 101: fundamental principles and key gender differences

Topic 2: Bringing it home: emergency medicine specifics of negotiation

Wednesday, May 17, 12pm-1:30pm, Regency ballroom U/Convention Level

AWAEM/ADIEM Joint Networking Lunch – a fun way to get to know amazing members like you!

Wednesday, May 17, 3pm-3:50pm, Windermere Ballroom W/Convention Level

SGEM Geopardy

Thursday, May 18, 8am-8:50am, Plaza International Ballroom H/Convention Level

Gender and Disparities-Based Global Health Research, Education, and Advocacy (didactic)

Thursday, May 18, 8am-8:50am, Celebration Rooms/Convention Level

The Status of Gender and Racial/ Ethnic Disparities Among Emergency Medicine Physicians (lightning oral) – Latest data for salary and rank for academic EM physicians in the U.S.

Thursday, May 18, 9am-9:50am, Plaza International Ballroom J/Convention Level

Women: Another Underrepresented Minority Group in Emergency Medicine? (didactic)

Cosponsored by ADIEM, this session features Joan Reede, MD, MPH, MS, MBA, Professor of Medicine, Dean for Diversity and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School as a leading authority on finding organizational solutions to improving diversity in the workplace.

Thursday, May 18, 10am-10:50am, Plaza International Ballroom J/Convention Level

What Now? How to Successfully Thrive at Midcareer (didactic) – provide mid-career academic emergency physicians with the tools to flourish, personally and professionally, at mid-career and beyond.  

Moderator: Megan Ranney, MD, MPH

At the completion of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Develop a road map for continued career success and happiness at the mid-career level and beyond.
  2. Identify 3 skills that can be used to maintain a commitment to core priorities while also expanding one’s repertoire.
  3. Implement 2 strategies to improve time and people management, to achieve both personal satisfaction and departmental success.

Thursday, May 18, 3pm-4pm, Celebration Rooms/Conference Level

Burnout in Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians (poster) 

Thursday, May 18, 4pm-4:50pm, Plaza International Ballroom J/Convention Level

Old, Not Neutered: A Sex and Gender-Based Approach to the Geriatric Patient in the ED (didactic)

Friday, May 19, 8-8:50am, Plaza International Ballroom K/Convention Level

Making Emergency Medicine ‘Sex’-y: Tools to Liven up Your ‘Sex and Gender Based Medicine’ Knowledge and Curriculum (didactic)

Friday, May 19, 2pm-2:50pm, Orlando Ballroom M/Convention Level

Effective Letters of Support (didactic)