Envision Physician Services is committed to supporting women in medicine across service lines and specialties and providing them with the resources they need to excel and lead in their fields. One part of a larger diversity and inclusion initiative at Envision is Lean In circles, which serve as “safe spaces” for women to discuss challenges, share meaningful information and connect with other women clinicians who may be facing similar career obstacles.

Recently, Amy Pulido, M.D., Chief of Anesthesia at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, hosted a multi-specialty gathering for women physicians at a waterfront art show in Fort Lauderdale. This Lean In event brought women physicians together from radiology, anesthesia and internal medicine service lines to support and champion one another.

Another Lean In event, hosted by Shreni Zinzuwadia, M.D., EM physician at Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, took the format of a talk session and workshop for women to discuss gender bias and equality in the workplace.

“Many of the attendees shared personal stories, and we discussed the many ways gender bias can affect a woman in the workplace,” Dr. Zinzuwadia said.

Dr. Zinzuwadia led the 15 women clinicians in attendance through a set of exercises to recognize gender bias and combat it. Some men attended the workshop to learn, and many were surprised to hear so many stories about gender bias in the modern workplace. 

“You don’t know what you don’t know, and it was really helpful to have men there to learn and listen,” said Dr. Zinzuwadia. “A lot of women in the workplace may lack confidence due to gender bias, so one of our main goals was to help instill them with positive self-talk and direction.”

These Lean In circles reflect the larger initiative of Lean In, which is to help women achieve their goals and to reduce gender bias and inequality. As a whole, Envision Lean In circles encourage peer mentorship, education and support from local physicians. They also help to facilitate the cross-specialty collaboration that Envision values.

These events and what they stand for are representative of the type of company Envision strives to be — one that prioritizes equality and inclusion. Envision will continue to offer spaces for women clinicians to learn, receive support and grow, but, more importantly, we will continue to offer opportunities that allow women clinicians to shine and change how healthcare works — all for the better.

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