FemInEM’s recent retreat for women in emergency medicine (EM) came with a particularly fitting title: Revive. Meaning to “become active or flourishing again,” the first-ever Revive Development Retreat sought to renew the individual and collective sense of purpose for women in emergency medicine and revive their passions and careers in EM.

Envision Physician Services leaders Rebecca Parker, M.D., Chief Medical Affairs Officer, and Lynn Reyman, M.D., Chair of the Practice Affairs Committee, led a workshop at the inaugural Revive Retreat held February 35 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Focused on the Power of Talk, their workshop addressed a somewhat overlooked topic — meetings.

When climbing the leadership ladder, meeting etiquette can easily take a backseat to larger challenges and goals. However, it’s important form women in leadership roles to be deliberate in their actions in all spaces, even ones as commonplace as everyday meetings.

As a whole, Revive 2019 served as a momentous opportunity for women clinicians to explore fundamentals for achieving success as medical professionals:

  1. Prioritize self-care
  2. Know your value
  3. Advocate for yourself and other women
  4. Seize new opportunities 
  5. Be resilient

These takeaways mirror Envision Physician Services’ commitment to empowering women through providing the support they need to achieve their career goals in EM. As clinicians and leaders, women in medicine are crucial and highly valued members of the healthcare profession, and, as a physician-led organization, we work to support their efforts in making healthcare work smarter.

Our organization understands the challenges that women face as they assume leadership positions in the EM field. As a leader in the healthcare profession, Envision Physician Services recognizes the need to tackle this issue head-on through robust support programs that enable clinicians to grow as leaders, drive change in their facilities and provide better care to patients.

As Dr. Reyman said, “If you want to be a player, you’ve got to sit at the table.” Envision Physician Services is committed to equipping all our clinicians with everything they need — not only to sit at the table, but to run the entire meeting.

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