It has been two years since Dara Kass, founder of FemInEM, asked if I would give a talk at the inaugural FemInEM Idea Exchange. As FIX 2017 approached, I was terrified. Being an academic Emergency Physician, I was an experienced speaker and had given hundreds of similar talks. But for some reason, this one caused me the most anxiety. The bar had been set so high by Dara and the conference organizers, I wondered if I could meet their expectations. The day arrived and I delivered my talk, “Be A Boss: In Medicine, Life, and Business.” The support and energy in the room gave me confidence, reduced my anxiety, and cleared the way for a successful talk. Whatever fears I harbored had melted away. Being a part of that incredible community inspired me to do more.


Rosh Review’s core values to “build human connections” and go “one step further” align with FemInEM’s vision and the community-building and inspiration that takes place at the conference. Our values align so nicely that Rosh Review became a Platinum sponsor for the second consecutive year. Now, more than ever, we need to support the work of organizations like FemInEM. 


Rosh Review believes in creating empowering, inclusive, and equal communities and opportunities. We support equal pay for equal work. We believe in gender equality. We believe diversity is an asset. Most of all, we believe in the amazing women and men who make Rosh Review an organization I’m extremely proud of. 


Over the past week, in the lead-up to FIX19—which will undoubtedly be awesome—Rosh Review shared profiles of the women who are at the center of our mission to help people reach their goals and achieve their dreams. We call these mini-bios #ProfilesInAwesomeness. See them all here and see you at FIX19!


Rosh Review. The official board review Qbank for FemInEM