I have always escaped reality into the pages of a good book. I vividly remember being a young girl hiding under my covers with a flashlight as I continued to read my latest Nancy Drew mystery well after bedtime. Over the course of my life, the subject of the books might change but my love of reading has never waned. I find myself devouring books from the library that are frivolous novels interspersed with studying the most recent medical literature. I will read, and usually enjoy, almost anything that I can get my hands on.

Different books have spoken differently to me at various points in my life but it is rare for a book not to have an impact. At any time, I may have 3-4 active books that I’m reading. Currently on my nightstand, there is a copy of “When Breath Becomes Air”, “Being Mortal”, “10% Happier” and “How to Talk So Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk”. That is just the active books and doesn’t include my Nook or my Kindle! My husband is not a reader so I’m aware that not everyone feels the same way about books but I’m excited to say that at least 2/4 of my girls seem to have a similar fascination and we recently finished “Little Women” as well.

FemInEM has taken flight due to the vision and hard work of many, especially Dara Kass and Jenny Beck-Esmay. I’m excited to join them and have the opportunity to grow the FemInEM bookstore. Not only does it keep my “next to read” list full, I think that it can be a valuable resource to anyone. Whether you are looking for practical advice about career advancement, pregnancy reads, or a good, somewhat medically based novel to pass the time, you can find it in the bookstore. I will be posting occasional reviews and editor’s picks but but if they are sporadic, please don’t be surprised – although reading is a passion of mine, it does take a backseat to life outside of a book so sometimes they do sit on the nightstand for a while.

The FemInEM bookstore already has a diverse wealth of available books but we are constantly looking to grow. If you are a FemInEM author – PLEASE send us your information so we can highlight your book in the bookstore and support you! If you have read a book that you feel should be included, drop us a note and send it along. If you are interested in writing a piece about your favorite books, we have room for that too! Thank you and looking forward to many happy readers.