Dr. Ayesha Khan and Dr. John Purakal have both had personal experiences with pregnancy loss and they are ready to share them.

Dr. Ayesha Khan is the fellowship director of Social Emergency Medicine and Population Health at Stanford University. She is the co-host of Announce, an ACEP sponsored podcast on Social EM topics relevant to today’s emergency physician. She enjoys addressing the needs of marginalized populations, teaching students and residents how to do so at scale and simplifying complex issues into understandable bytes.

Dr. John Purakal is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Duke University. His research focuses on social determinants of health, health disparities and their effects on cardiovascular disease. He is the founder of www.socialempact.com, an educational platform for all-things related to Social Emergency Medicine. 

In their powerful FIX19 duo, they speak out about not speaking out on miscarriage.

Watch the full FIX19 talk below!